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It’s not that you magically transcend suffering. You simply lose interest in it. Suffering is our attempt to escape or transcend this moment. But who we really are is, in truth, inseparable from this moment. What’s happening now is, on the deepest level, not an enemy to be feared or rejected, but a dear old friend in disguise, already deeply allowed in the unlimited vastness of what we are. In seeing both the futility and ultimate impossibility of separating yourself from life itself, you simply lose interest in escaping present experience. It’s way too much effort and only leads to psychological pain. Escaping this moment does not provide what you truly long for. And so what remains is simply a natural willingness to experience everything in its fullness, and not run away into comforting stories, or spiritual concepts. It’s the willingness that you are in your essence. The end of suffering is not a personal achievement nor a future state or goal to reach - it’s the simple recognition of the way things already are, and have always been. Some teachings say “nobody suffers”, and now we can understand why.
Jeff Foster (via 1he-art)

(Source: oceanandwave)

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